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Today is Jun 2, 2020
Jenny YEO
Group Division Director
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The Power of Focus

10 Keys to streamline our Focus

1)      Tackle only one or two (at most) major areas in our life or organization at a time

2)      Understand the purpose and mission of our lives and careers

3)      Understand our time limitations

          Determine whether we have the time resources to manage more than we already have   on our plate


4)      Understand our talent limitations

          Focus on what we are good at.


5)      Know the geographic area of our influence

6)      Know the demographic area we are called to

7)      Look at what is best, not merely for what is good

          Do not sacrifice the best for the good or even the better


8)      Receive counsel from key leadership and those who are doing well

          Be humble!


9)      Remember that ‘a sale is not a sale’ if we do not need the product

          Only invest our time and money on something that we need wither at the moment or to get us to the next level of our competency


10)    Invest the bulk of our time only with those who can make a contribution to our success

          Look for ‘energizers’ and not ‘sappers’
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