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Today is Jun 2, 2020
Jenny YEO
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De-Clutter and store away the blues


 Spaced out?

Our living spaces are getting smaller. There’s never enough room to store the kid’s toys. The closets aren’t big enough for all the clothes and yet we are always adding new stocks in regardless of if there is a Sale!


However, with some planning, efforts and creativity, even a pigeon hole can be turned into a spacious and comfortable home. Here’s how:


First things first…

When space is limited and comes at a premium, it is important to prioritise and maximise. It means throw away things of no use. De-clutter your home. Show no mercy to newspapers, junk mails or pamphlets. Put them straight into the recycling bin. Give away old clothes you don’t wear or fit into. Discard broken items, if they are not fixed in the last 6 months, chances are they won’t be fixed in the next 6 months.


Value of built-in…

It is important to include built-ins wherever possible. They provide essential storage without taking up any floor space. Every room should have built-in cabinets, showcases or wall units. Have a built-in bookcase that stretches from floor to ceiling. It not only holds books and souvenirs, but also serves as a mini-bar.


Invest in furniture that folds up easily and is dual-purpose. A sofa cum bed would be a perfect investment. Pile up some cushions and pillows to give it a little more character.


Look for furniture that expands when you need it and shrinks when you don’t. Try a drop-leaf table. How about a table that can be folded into the wall?


Get the type of beds or couches with drawers to store comforter, sheets, extra pillows or even kid’s toys. Get coffee tables with drawers. They are a great place to store coasters, magazines, playing cards, telephone chargers and more


Shelve it…

Add more shelves whenever possible. You can create more shelves in small spaces by making ‘drawers’ out of baskets or other storage containers that fit into them. In closets, you can also install double-tiered rods to accommodate shirts and trousers.


Kitchen solutions…

Utilise available space in kitchen especially under the sink, to store cleaning products, dustbin bags, extra toiletries like shampoo and soaps. You can also add a cupboard over the sink. Adding mirrors or glass to cabinets make the kitchen looks bigger.


Invest in magnetic spice racks that can be mounted on the wall. Not only will that clear space in your cabinet, it makes your kitchen comes alive.


Let’s lighten up…

Lastly, make sure your home gives the impression it’s bigger than it really is. When choosing a color scheme for a small house, remember to keep it light and in pastels. Lighter shades reflect light and make the house looks bigger. A cool blue or green would be perfect.

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